Concept App: Om Of Medication Marijuana

I have a new love -- and it's not a home or a guy or a car. It is an edgy Showtime television suburban satire,"Weeds", in which Mary Louise Parker plays a widowed soccer mom, Nancy Botwin, in a fictional subdivision of Los Angeles called Agrestic. Nancy struggles with her husband's sudden death from a heart attack and agonizes how she'll support her family. Not having any job abilities that are discernable, Nancy finds the income in being the local neighbor pot dealer.

Most businesses' failure is because of undercapitalization. Nancy expenses are currently exceeding her income, and she approaches Heylia, her provider, to present her stock. Heylia laughs in her face, but she's allowed to hock her Land Rover and multi-carat wedding ring with Heylia to find the number of pot she needs for the week after Nancy begs.

1 bill which may be passed would be to allow medical marijuana benefits for people with pain and chronic conditions to use it. The other one is to allow for those older and 21 use and to buy marijuana for recreational use. There are a number of stipulations to the invoice. Use and those are allowed to buy it and if the bill is passed, they will have to description pay a tax on their purchase. Additionally, those institutions that have a permit will only sell the pot.

Don't read the newspaper and do not turn on the pc. Reading your own press clippings is. Washington is coming off an 0-12 season and I believe the coaches and the players are smart enough to realize they won. Many times turned the ball over too. They win the game if the ball doesn't turn over. I think Washington realizes that they have to play hard on every snap. The coaches understand they have to out fox each opponent. Washington can beat every team. They have the ability. Getting back to 0-12. I believe that is deeply ingrained in the mind of the team. They know they need a effort to win.

WIth the prevalence of prescription narcotic drugs by teenagers many will turn to heroin because it is inexpensive, and easy to get. That is, if they make it that far.

Rep. Kirk will apparently be providing some more information about his radical proposal this coming Monday. I can imagine he will resort to fact-butchery and the usual Conservative fear-mongering.

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